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Mod of Warcraft III Horde VS Alliance X3 created by WooJ® (Lukasz Pieprzak) and X3 Clan

from the first versions received a wide range of admirers. The most ardent players on their account have thousands of games played, of which the length of a play is from 20 minutes to 2 hours.
Some of the later updates were developed by Trigman(r) (Ivan Bykov) whom supplied the game, Playman (Andrej Spielmann) who took care of hosting, stats, and connections between the Mod, bot and database. WackowyRzecznik (Wacław Banaszczyk), Arrow.Blisss, and all the players who contributed to the game by testing, suggesting, and arguing among themselves :D.

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Players are divided into two teams, Alliance and Horde. Alliance consisting of Heroes from the Human & Night Elf race. Horde being Heroes from the Orcs & Undead Race.

The game is played by 10 players, 5 on each side.

Each player has control of Chosen or Randomized hero.
All of the Heroes have the attributes, as Strength; Agility; Intelligence. One of these attributes is the main Classification of a Hero.
-Stength Heroes benifit from both Health points & Damage As Str points are accumulated.
-Intelligence Heroes benifit from both Mana & Damage As Int points are accumulate.
-Agility Heroes benifit from both Attack Speed, Armor & Damage As Agi points are accumulate.
All heroes Benifit from each attribute equally, but only the single class can benefit the Damage Bonus.
More about a particular Hero in another department.

At one's disposal we have four various spells plus possibility to add the main attribute of a Hero.


One of the spell is a special, called Ulti, which can be increase three times every tenth level. Spells are dependent upon the type of character we choose - more about the spells in another department.

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Each team has its base, which is not available for the opposing team, where the players begin the gameplay. In the base we have the fountain, which automatically restores life points and mana.

We have various shops out of which we can buy a wide range of Items - which can enhance the attributes, life, mana, attack speed, etc... Part of the Items can be combined, increasing its power - more about the items in another department.

Gold is obtained by unit called acolyte, which extract it from possessed mine. We can possess up to the ten Acolytes which obtained 13 gold per second each.

Gold is gained by killing enemy units, more gold depending on level of enemy Heroes - omitting Forests Creeps.

Each of the character contains equipment, in which can store six Items (Found or Bought). Heroes are automatically supplied with Staff of Teleportation, which allows the hero to teleport to the targeted allied land unit or structure. In base are located also chests that enable storage of the next six Items. For convinance, players can type .M to transfer current item in slot 6 of hero directly to his controlled chest.


The first 90 seconds are designed to prepare players to play. In this time players mostly supply a Hero in basic Items such as orb. And go to a forest, in order to kill the low level creeps. Forests Creeps are another form of obtaining gods such as unique items, potions, golden coins etc. - more about unique items and forests creeps in another department.
Some of the players these first seconds spend differently, as on the attached picture :)

The game starts with automatically march of units controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The purpose of the units is to destroy the enemy castle, which is objective of the game.
Power of units, defensive towers, buildings grows with the level of the ally Hero.

It is impossible to describe the game with words and some pictures,
You have to play, connect with the gamers and feel the emotions that accompany it.

"I love this addictive game, that no matter how mad you can get at it, you seem to always come back no matter what the case maybe. Special for me because unlike other games, people from around the world you will talk with to take down the other team."



Support X3 and look forward for the real e-sport game, created for players, by players.